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Our Guarantee


It will be our pleasure to give your order
our personal attention. We consider every order
an obligation to give complete satisfaction.
We stand behind our products 100%.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase,
please phone us at once. 702-263-3256
Freshness Guarantee
We back all of the selections
on this web site with our 24 hour freshness guarantee.
If, for any reason, the arrangement does not
meet your expectations for freshness, we will replace it.
(Spring and seasonal flowers, which have a natural
short vase life, lei, corsages and boutonnires are excluded.)

Floral Arrangements

Please add room temperature water to your
arrangement upon receipt. For lasting enjoyment,
change water daily and trim stems at a diagonal angle.
 Use 1/2 of the flower food packet attached upon receipt
and upon changing the water use the remainder of the packet.

Check the water level daily

In glass containers
 if vase has become cloudy,
 replace it entirely with fresh water
 If possible, recut the flower stems with a sharp knife,
removing 1 to 2 inches of stem.
Immediately place the stems into the container with the fresh flower-food solution.

If the flowers are arranged in foam,
check around the edge of the foam for a small cutout,
 or press two fingers into the foam to create an indentation,
and slowly add water into the depression.
Do this over the sink to avoid accidental spills.

Keep flowers in a cool location
(65 F to 72 F); out of direct sunlight;
away from heating/cooling vents; out of drafts,
 such as under ceiling fans, in doorways, etc.;
and off of radiators or other electronics or appliances
that give off heat. Cut flowers last longer in cool, shaded, nondrafty environments.

Orchid Plants
Please add a cup of water to your orchid once per week.
Place in a well-lit room, away from direct sun light and drafts.
When all blooms have bloomed, cut stem to the roots,
continue watering once a week and place orchid in direct sun light…
then continue to enjoy its continued growth!
Note: Please continue to care for the orchid as specified above.
 Once the flowers on your orchid are gone,
 trim the flowering stem down to 1" above the orchid leaves.
The orchid may bloom again in the coming season.